Adult party Cosutmes are becoming more popular than ever. Adults like adult cartoons, fantasy and the naughty characters from movies such as Toy Story and Lord of the Rings. They also like naughty things that are not necessarily made for children. Adult party costumes are fun and unique to create.

Top 5 Best Adult Party Cosplay Themes
One adult party theme is an evil Santa’s party. Each guest will receive a Santa hat and long beard to wear around their necks. They can also be given a toothbrush and toothpaste with a dark red color or a handle that looks like a gun with long hair coming out of it. These are fun to make, but they do not have to be perfect.

Another Adult party theme is a sloth baby costume. This one requires you to provide a robe of some sort and a cat costume (sloth baby or not). The baby will need a blow up Santa hat or an inflatable one, and you can place these in the center of the guests’ laps. Have plenty of glow sticks, tubes and inflatables of all colors. Some adult volunteers may even put melted chocolate candy bars in the air and walk around with them.

An evil Enchantress Adult party Theme is very fun to do. You will need to provide your own costumes of characters from the Lord of the Rings or the Twilight series. The guests can come as one of the characters, such as Gandalf Mickey Mouse Kigurumi Onesie Saruman or Ariel. You can give prizes for those who look the most like their favorite characters. Have some chocolate sprinkles on the tables for the guests to eat.

A naughty Minx Adult party Theme is fun for little girls, just make sure you have the right adult party games to go along with it. The guests could dress up as a bunny, cat, or anything else related to the female characters from the Minx movies. One great game you can play is to pretend that the adults are Minx the Frog and the children are participants in a treasure hunt for gold. Have a pin the tail on the donkey race as the treasure hunt and award points for each adult character they find.

If you are looking for adult party themes then you should check out cosplay websites. There are many people who get into cosplay because they love to be into fantasy, science fiction and the like. There are also adult parties that are based on a television show, a movie, a comic book or a cartoon. There are adult parties that are based on the works of a certain artist or movie that is popular at the moment. Check them out and see if you can’t have a great time with a cosplay themed party!